[rabbitmq-discuss] FW: Clustering Issue

Ritesh Mehta ritesh.mehta at apics.org
Tue Jun 23 19:00:25 BST 2009



Please see the draft below




We are currently testing out clustering on RabbitMQ on two servers
running on Windows. However I am not able to do so. The

Following is the error I get when I try to cluster with an existing


ERROR REPORT==== 22-Jun-2009::15:09:45 ===
** Connection attempt from disallowed node rabbit at PC09023 **


The following are the steps that we implemented:

1.	Save a common cookie file (We tried at different locations i.e.
C:\Windows, C:\Documents and Settings\<User_Name>\Application Data,
C:\Documents and Settings\<User_Name>\Application Data\RabbitMQ as we
were not sure which is the right location)
2.	C:\Program
3.	C:\Program
Files\erl5.5.5\lib\rabbitmq_server-1.5.4\sbin>rabbitmqctl.bat status
4.	C:\Program
Files\erl5.5.5\lib\rabbitmq_server-1.5.4\sbin>rabbitmqctl.bat stop_app
5.	C:\Program
Files\erl5.5.5\lib\rabbitmq_server-1.5.4\sbin>rabbitmqctl.bat reset
6.	C:\Program
Files\erl5.5.5\lib\rabbitmq_server-1.5.4\sbin>rabbitmqctl cluster
rabbit at 2269x rabbit at PC09023


I also tried implementing it as a service and I had no luck there as
well. Following is log when I used it as a service



=INFO REPORT==== 23-Jun-2009::10:38:14 ===

    application: rabbit

    exited: {{unable_to_join_cluster,

                 [rabbit at 2269x,rabbit at PC09023],


                     "Incompatible schema cookies. Please, restart from
old backup.rabbit at 2269x =
[{name,schema},{type,set},{ram_copies,[]},{disc_copies,[rabbit at apicsubun
tu,rabbit at 2269x]},{disc_only_copies,[]},{load_order,0},{access_mode,read
cookie,{{1245,704290,424002},rabbit at 2269x}},{version,{{16,0},{rabbit at api
csubuntu,{1245,706725,297168}}}}], rabbit at PC09023 =
[{name,schema},{type,set},{ram_copies,[]},{disc_copies,[rabbit at PC09023]}
205,450004},rabbit at PC09023}},{version,{{2,0},[]}}]\n"}},


    type: temporary



I would appreciate any suggestions on how we could resolve this issue as
clustering is extremely critical for successfully launching out

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