[rabbitmq-discuss] BrokerUnreachableException on .NET client

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Thu Jun 11 17:55:23 BST 2009


Steve Eichert wrote:
> As Aaron mentioned I've run the same code on OSX via mono and have 
> encountered similar errors.  I've been getting somewhat inconsistent 
> results depending on how many threads I spin up.  When set to run 500 
> threads I'm currently getting the error below [1].  I do get a number of 
> messages sent to the queue (~24k) and based on the error am assuming the 
> client can't handle spinning up that many concurrent connections.
> [1] 
> None of the specified endpoints were reachable
> Endpoints attempted:
>   endpoint=amqp-0-8://localhost:5672, attempts=1, outcome=Too many open 
> files

That is almost certainly caused by an operating system limit; there are 
no limits in the client code. Try increasing the OS limits. No idea how 
that's done on OSX but it shouldn't be hard.


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