[rabbitmq-discuss] Erlang cllient libs / new_connection() results in "error on TCP connection <...> from

Ben Hood 0x6e6562 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 21:42:01 BST 2009


Ingo Kroger wrote:
> Hi,
> thank you for the fast answer.
> That did it for me. I uninstalled the server from the Ubuntu 
> repository (1.5.4), installed the one
> from Debian unstable ( 1.5.5-2 ) and used the client libs tagged as 
> 1.5.5.
> Now the make test_network is working ( "all 13 tests successfull" ) 
> but the logfile
> shows some errors, but I guess I can figure those out by myself ( 
> hopefully :-)
I presume that errors in the server log are due to the 2 tests in the 
negative_test_util module which are designed to test negative paths, 
i.e. those that should provoke a server side error.



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