[rabbitmq-discuss] Erlang RabbitMQ Client hanshake problem on "State = Driver:handshake(InitialState), "

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Tue Jun 9 11:48:28 BST 2009


Lynton Grice wrote:
> Thanks for the help so far, I now have the latest versions for both the 
> client and server installed BUT now I am getting the following 
> error.....it is also in the “driver handshake”

>                         {undef,
>                             [{rabbit_framing_channel,start_link,

This again is an error people have reported before - search the list for 
the previous reports. The error is indicative of the client not being 
able to locate the server modules on its load path. You'll need to 
adjust Erlang's load path such it can find these modules.


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