[rabbitmq-discuss] Erlang RabbitMQ Client hanshake problem on "State = Driver:handshake(InitialState), "

Lynton Grice lynton.grice at logosworld.com
Tue Jun 9 11:24:09 BST 2009

Hi Matthias,


Thanks for the help so far, I now have the latest versions for both the
client and server installed BUT now I am getting the following error.....it
is also in the "driver handshake"


26> network_client_test:lifecycle_test().

** exception error: no match of right hand side value










     in function  amqp_connection:start/5

     in call from network_client_test:lifecycle_test/0


And here is the RabbitMQ log...seems to accept the connection and then
immediately close it....


=INFO REPORT==== 9-Jun-2009::11:57:51 ===

Rolling persister log to "c:/Documents and Settings/Lynton/Application


=INFO REPORT==== 9-Jun-2009::11:57:51 ===

started TCP listener on


=INFO REPORT==== 9-Jun-2009::11:58:17 ===

accepted TCP connection on from


=INFO REPORT==== 9-Jun-2009::11:58:17 ===

starting TCP connection <0.148.0> from


=ERROR REPORT==== 9-Jun-2009::11:58:17 ===

error on TCP connection <0.148.0> from



=INFO REPORT==== 9-Jun-2009::11:58:17 ===

closing TCP connection <0.148.0> from


Any ideas what this could be?







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Lynton Grice wrote:

> BTW: I am running RabbitMQ 1.5.4 and the latest (just downloaded) Erlang 

> Client code from http://hg.rabbitmq.com (not sure what version that is...)


That's a recipe for breakage. If you search the list for the error 

you'll find that you aren't the first person to run into this.


> Any idea what the problem could be? Maybe a version thing?


Yes. Please follow the instructions at 

http://www.rabbitmq.com/mercurial.html. Specifically make sure that your 

version of the Erlang client is from a 1.5.x-tag/branch.






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