[rabbitmq-discuss] Erlang RabbitMQ Client hanshake problem on "State = Driver:handshake(InitialState), "

Lynton Grice lynton.grice at logosworld.com
Tue Jun 9 10:35:21 BST 2009

Hi there,


I am trying to run the Erlang RabbitMQ client tests and it is "hanging"
during the connection open.


BTW: I am running RabbitMQ 1.5.4 and the latest (just downloaded) Erlang
Client code from http://hg.rabbitmq.com (not sure what version that is...)


More specifically I am  trying to run the network_client_test.erl on my
local machine to a RabbitMQ server that is on "localhost". I can connect to
it happily with Python and am needing to get it working with Erlang now...


The "network_client_test.erl" tries to make a connection as follows:


new_connection() ->

  amqp_connection:start("guest", "guest", "localhost").


And then it seems to HANG on the "Driver:handshake" method (inside the
"amqp_connection.erl").....I have done some console debugging on this and it
is at this point that it hangs...


init([InitialState, Driver]) when is_atom(Driver) ->

    io:format("Inside INIT method... ~n"),

    State = Driver:handshake(InitialState),

    io:format("Inside INIT...after Driveriver:handshake... ~n"),

    {ok, State#connection_state{driver = Driver} }.


Any idea what the problem could be? Maybe a version thing?


Many thanks ;-)




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