[rabbitmq-discuss] Objective-C AMQP Library

Matt Todd mtodd at highgroove.com
Tue Jun 9 06:19:09 BST 2009

As a new Objective-C developer (just fiddling around with it), I've been
thinking of a project to get my hands dirty with. I've been using RabbitMQ
for some time in my Ruby projects and really enjoy using it, and the AMQP
protocol should be fairly simple to grok and work with.
Because of this, I'm currently looking to start building an Objective-C
based client library as a pet project to get me actually working in the

I'm thinking of using the experimental C language client code to power the
functionality and giving it a nice Obj-C DSL and handling everything through
a NSNotificationCenter to create an evented interface (similar to the
EventMachine Ruby AMQP library I'm used to working with). This is the goal
for now, anyhow.

Being still very new to the language, and certainly being unfamiliar with
the idiosyncrasies of developing libraries for Obj-C, I'm looking for input,
support, and contributions for this endeavor from experts and enthusiasts
with strong opinions and/or time.

Let me stress my lack of exposure to Obj-C (nor have I done anything
significant in C/C++ or any strongly typed, compiled language in quite some
time). This means I'm currently asking the following questions (as noob as
they may be):

1. How do I integrate the C library into this Obj-C library?
2. How do I write a distributable, clean Obj-C library?
3. Is an NSNotificationCenter-based implementation a good approach for an
evented AMQP library?
4. How do I mock objects in Obj-C (to not require an instance of RabbitMQ to
be running for tests)?
5. Should I just write this from scratch, including XML parsing et al?
6. What does a good Obj-C DSL look like?
7. Why would I start with a significant library to get familiar with the

Fair warning, I'm a Ruby developer, mainly building web applications in

Looking forward to hearing from you, and hope to get something worthwhile
out of this.


Matt Todd
Highgroove Studios
cell: 404-314-2612
blog: maraby.org

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