[rabbitmq-discuss] Clustering Question

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Mon Jun 8 22:19:24 BST 2009


Jason J. W. Williams wrote:
> I'll recheck. The issue we ran into was:
> Node A & Node B
> Node A contains queue 1.
> Node A dies. Persistent unserviced messages remain in queue 1.
> Queue 1 moves to Node B.
> Node A restarts and rejoins cluster.
> Unserviced messages from before failure, do not replay into queue 1 as
> located now on Node B.


How did you "move" the queue between nodes? That is not a feature that 
is supported in RabbitMQ (yet).

I suppose that while node A is down a client may connect to node B and 
declare a queue with the same name. I am actually not sure what happens 
in that case, and how it affects re-queueing of persisted messages when 
node A subsequently recovers. So some test scenarios along these lines 
and observations of current behaviour would be very much appreciated.



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