[rabbitmq-discuss] Clustering Question

Arvind Jayaprakash work at anomalizer.net
Fri Jun 5 19:55:53 BST 2009

On Jun 05, Hugh Watkins wrote:
>I was trying to understand how the clustering support works in RabbitMQ
>1) From the documentation the message queue data is not clustered, so if you
>have queue created on one machine and the queue is not persisted then that
>box going down will cause the queued messages to be destroyed. Is this a
>correct interpretation?
>I have a system that is creating perishable queue messages, i.e. they need
>to be acted on in 100-200 ms or it's to late a timeout will occur further up
>the chain.  I would like to setup a cluster an protect as many messages as
>possible.  It would not be worth creating a persistent queue  because it
>would slow down the processing and as I mentioned these are perishable
>It seems like I should create different queues on each machine in the
>cluster and try to load balance across those queues, either by having the
>producers write too the local queue, round robin or some other mechanism.
> The workers in turn would listen on all queues.  Does this sound
>reasonable?  It requires more configuration than I was hoping for because at
>least the workers have to be aware on another queue being created if another
>node is added.

Clustering is not going to help in increasing the queue reliability in
the current implementation. If you intend to replicate queues on
multiple nodes, they might as well be standalone nodes. Clustering
increases the availability of only bindings and exchanges.

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