[rabbitmq-discuss] Measuring Broker Behavior

Kyle R. Burton kyle.burton at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 18:01:33 BST 2009


I'm evaluating AMQP at work and wrote a post about the initial testing
approach.  Monadic (via twitter) asked me to share on the list, the
post I wrote up is here:


In it I go through the quick test we assembled and executed yesterday.
 I hesitate to call it a benchmark.  What we did was not that thorough
or controlled - it measured the behavior of two brokers (Rabbit and
Qpid) and produced a couple of graphs.  I was more posting about how
easy it was to do with Clojure and Incanter.

At this point I don't know much about tuning Erlang or Rabbit, if
anyone has any advice about where to look for information on tuning,
about our methodology, or questions please let me know.

I hope that you find the writeup useful.



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