[rabbitmq-discuss] Can I generate SNMP traps on Connection events?

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Mon Jul 20 21:33:06 BST 2009


Anand Ved wrote:
> Does anyone know if RabbitMQ supports SNMP traps integration and how can 
> we do it?

Erlang/OTP has one of the best SNMP stacks out there, certainly in the 
open-source world. So equipping RabbitMQ with SNMP support should be 
straightforward technically, but it hasn't been done yet. The main 
challenge is defining a MIB, which for a relatively complex product like 
RabbitMQ takes a fair amount of time. If there are any SNMP/MIB gurus 
out there we'd definitely appreciate some help here - a good starting 
point would be to try to come up with a MIB that can represent all the 
information accessible via rabbitmqctl.



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