[rabbitmq-discuss] how to make Wcf bind to rabbitmq exchange and queue?

Patrick Kenney pekenney at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 16:18:33 BST 2009

I hate to keep asking this but...

The RabbitMQ .NET Client Library User Guide ("Examples Section") of the pdf
is not as straight forward, simple and as easy for all of us as implied thus

Hence the need (As far as C# based RabbitMQ discovery goes anyway) in my
opinion for a single ready to run (download, open the visual studio solution
and hit F5)  WinForm based Visual Studio 2005/2008 solution, that gives a
newbie one stop shopping so to speak on how to utilize WCF and RabbitMQ,
Exchanges, Queues and messaging, etc...
A single WinForm in a Visual Studio 2005/2008 solution that actually does
all the things itemized in the The RabbitMQ .NET Client Library User Guide
("Examples Section") of the  pdf

There is just a lot to take in at one time with AMQP, and the differences
between queuing with MSMQ and RabbitMQ...

I see tremendous potential for RabbitMQ if the learning curve could be
Its obviously better then MSMQ, and with no knowledge of MSMQ with
Microsoft's and other readily available examples, one can get going with
MSMQ much faster...

thanks in advance
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