[rabbitmq-discuss] opposite of basicAck?

amit bhatnagar brownspice at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 15:22:06 BST 2009

When you do this by closing the channel, (essentially faking a
Basic.Reject), the message gets put back on the queue and gets ready
for consumption by another consumer (or channel from same consumer if
it had more than one channel).

a) Is the producer registering for an BasicReturn listener the proper
mechanism to be informed that the message was undeliverable?

b) If a is true, how long would the message sit on the queue waiting
for a potential consumer to pick it up before the basic.return was
generated by the broker back for the producer?

c) If no such BasicReturn listener was registered, the message gets

On Jul 15, 4:57 pm, Ben Hood <0x6e6... at gmail.com> wrote:
> 0-8 rejections, were Rabbit to implement them, are scoped on a
> channel. Just nuking the channel and letting them get consumed on a
> different channel has the same effect.
> Ben
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