[rabbitmq-discuss] Perl AMQP client software in github

Eric Waters ewaters at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 00:06:25 BST 2009

I'll avoid talking about something that's not specific to
RabbitMQ in this forum in the
future, but wanted to mention this as a follow up to a post earlier this week.
I now have functioning code released for Net::AMQP and
POE::Component::Client::AMQP.  Tested it against RabbitMQ 1.6.0.  Get
it from
http://github.com/ewaters.  You'll need to clone both repositories to run
the example pingpong.pl program (idea copied from ruby-amqp).

To try it out, clone both projects into the same directory, cd into
poe-component-client-amqp, and run:

  DEBUG=0 perl -Ilib -I../net-amqp/lib examples/pingpong.pl

If you'd like to see the full protocol debug, change DEBUG=1.

The perl modules are fully documented in POD.  If anyone is interested, I'd
love for collaboration on the project.  Drop me a line with your github
username and I'll add you as a github collaborator.

Sorry for the interruption.  Back to your regularly scheduled RabbitMQ
programming.  :)

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