[rabbitmq-discuss] Sample code for python?

Allen Fowler allen.fowler at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 2 19:21:14 BST 2009

> >
> > I am looking at RabbitMQ to perhaps add message passing to a Python program 
> being written.
> >
> > Right now "messages" are being pased in and out of a database.  Not a very 
> good solution.
> >
> > How hard is it to produce and consume messages from Python using RabbitMQ? 
>  What libraries do I need, and is there sample code  / tutorial available?
> It's both fun and pretty easy to get started.
> Start here:
> http://blogs.digitar.com/jjww/2009/01/rabbits-and-warrens/

Thank you!  :)

Couple of more questions:

- What kind of formats do people use for their messages?  XML? JSON? Other?   I need to pass less than 1KB of data made up of Text, Dates, Numbers, etc.

- How would I integrate a UI (web app in my case) on top of a system that uses RabbitMQ for back-end processing.  I mean to say: If the UI submits an "add customer" message to the RabbitMQ server to be routed to a worker, how does the worker / RabbitMQ respond back to the UI with a success, fail (or even no-worker available / timeout) message?


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