[rabbitmq-discuss] Is there a use case for a queue with auto_delete=True and durable=True?

Barry Pederson bp at barryp.org
Fri Jan 23 15:19:59 GMT 2009

Ben Hood wrote:
> Brian Sullivan wrote:
>> Is there a use case for this combination of settings?  I have seen some
>> posts that have been confused by not having queues remain when
>> durable=true if people forget to set auto-delete=false, so it seems odd to
>> have the defaults set the way they are (at least as they appear to be in
>> the python lib)
> I would consider it to be odd, but I'm not a lawyer.
> Though the exact behavior of this scenario is IMHO not clearly defined
> in the spec, I think that most implementations would take a common
> sense approach.
> From the perspective of py-amqplib, I would say that it's over to
> Barry to make a call on this.


IIRC as far as the py-amqplib defaults go...my thought was that if 
you're going to do something that makes a persistent change the server, 
such has having a queue that's durable, then I thought you should 
explicitly say so.  That way if you're just dabbling around or don't 
exactly know what you're doing, there's no permanent harm done.

Even if a case could be made that the defaults are not ideal, it's 
probably too late to change it now.  I supposed it could be addressed in 

I agree that having the separate durable and auto_delete flags can be 
confusing, but that comes from the spec, and is just passed through by 
the client library - the broker is where the flags have an impact.


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