[rabbitmq-discuss] Size of messages?

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Sun Jan 11 07:42:31 GMT 2009

> My question is the following : instead of queuing the file names (and 
> storing the files locally), is it
> possible to queue the full files content itself? Given that the file have a
> of under 200k?

That sounds like it should work without any problems. There are no 
built-in limits on the sizes of individual messages (besides the 64-bit 
body size in the AMQP protocol), and the STOMP adapter should cope just 

The only thing that might hold you up is the way the broker holds all 
queued messages in RAM in its current version. If you want to have more 
queued data than that, we recommend either getting more RAM :-) or 
helping out with alterations to make spooling-to-disk smooth and tasty.

Let us know how your experiments go!


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