[rabbitmq-discuss] spec scope question

Tim Coote tim+rabbitmq.com at coote.org
Wed Jan 7 15:07:54 GMT 2009

Does the scope of AMQP cover the management of the environment. Here's  
a typical usecase:

Context: my standards use an enterprise pubsub bus, based on AMQP so  
that producers and consumers can be decoupled in my app dev process. I  
have 50k servers with 1k application types in my estate. I cannot  
trust my inventory and configuration for my business applications and  
I have poor quality information on dependencies/composition between/of  

- I want to retire application X
- How do I know what are the consumers of Application X's  published  
data so that I can re-source the data for the dependent systems, if  
there are any.

I know that this is a real problem for the operations groups and  
applications owners in large enterprises.  It doesn't get better with  
time ;-)

If the spec doesn't define how I'd find all consumers of data of a  
given type, then I'm going to have to build that functionality as part  
of my deployment. (actually, probably later, when I realise how much  
money I'm wasting on data centres)

I couldn't find anything relevant in 10.


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