[rabbitmq-discuss] Trying to do a simple subscription returns message too long error... (RabbitMq.Net)

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Fri Aug 14 14:13:00 BST 2009


Patrick Kenney wrote:
> k, so I added a config file entry to disable defaultheartbeat in
> ConnectionParameters.cs...
> doing a subscribe no longer returns message too long error but it is
> still failing...
> host subscriber and host dispatcher still work...
> I am attaching my trace and error files I am writing out...

Thanks. We are seeing the same here.

In trying to track down the cause of these errors it would save us a lot
of time if the code was stripped to the bare minimum:

- instead of using WCF, call into the RabbitMQ .net client API directly.
This eliminates a whole layer of complexity.

- instead of a winforms based app, construct a command line app. This
too eliminates a whole layer of complexity.

- instead of reproducing the problems while running in the VS debugger,
get to a point where the problem is reproducible by simply invoking a
command line app from the shell.

Do you think that is something you could do?



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