[rabbitmq-discuss] Trying to do a simple subscription returns message too long error... (RabbitMq.Net)

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Thu Aug 13 23:04:09 BST 2009


Patrick Kenney wrote:
> I do not have windows defender, and when I have windows firewall and my 
> anti-virus software disabled things look good as far as the host 
> dispatcher/host subscriber calls go ...
> but the subscribe call raises the message too long error followed by 
> connection aborts regardless of what i have done so far...
> having anti-virus and or windows firewall without exceptions will cause 
> blocking/software aborted messages here too...

ok. One thing worth trying is disabling heartbeats. I don't know whether 
that is possible in the RabbitMQ WCF bindings, but if it isn't then 
simply change the code in ConnectionParameters.cs, setting the 
DefaultHeartbeat to 0. You can check whether that worked by looking at 
the socket trace (or wireshark) for activity after the "Host Dis" button 
click - with heartbeats there will be some traffic every few seconds, 
without there will just be some traffic initially and then silence.

With heartbeats disabled Vlad and I were no longer able to reproduce the 
"message body too long" error.



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