[rabbitmq-discuss] Exchanges, Routing, and AMQP

Alexis Richardson alexis.richardson at cohesiveft.com
Wed Nov 12 12:18:02 GMT 2008


On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 11:48 AM, Peter Silva <Peter.A.Silva at gmail.com> wrote:
> but hey, this is a rabbit list, I only brought it up in order to share
> impressions about how the bindings are defined in AMQP.

And thank-you for doing so.  As I mentioned this issue is very
valuable for 1.0 -- of which I hope to be able to say more soon.

>> > The reason for me asking these questions is to understand how to add
>> > AMQP
>> > support to metpx.
>> Are you more interested in implementing some form of the AMQP
>> model/codec in metpx or are you interested in being a consumer of AMQP
>> (e.g. via Rabbit)?
> I'm hoping one of my developers can do a producer to speak to rabbit.   I
> would send a single, un-differentiated product stream, and pilot having a
> few clients (internal first, external later) use the consumer of their
> choice to acquire the messages.   I have a business need that no other
> package (including metpx) currently fills, that rabbit seems, at first
> blush, perfect for.

Sounds most excellent :-)

> What could be in it for rabbit...
> Does rabbit want some protocol drivers?  We have solid ones for FTP and
> SFTP. I doubt you'd be interested in the others...

I am extremely interested in protocol drivers including file transfer.
 They are just .... useful!

As you may have noticed there are others - see the RabbitMQ universe
in the presentation here:

> rabbit might just want to use metpx as a realy sympathetic protocol driver.
>   Just looking for win-win... ymmv.

We often find unexpected benefits from providing adaptors.  Often it's
best to not predict and just put up an example and see what happens.


>> If the former is the case, then maybe approaching the AMQP working
>> group might prove more fruitful that speaking to an implementer of
>> AMQP.
> I would, except when I went to the AMQP lists I could see, they were dead.
> maybe I didn't find the right ones.  The action seems to be over here, plus
> the whole routing thing was just an aside from reading the above, my aim is
> what was described above.
>> Ben
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