[rabbitmq-discuss] Packaging

Holger Hoffstätte holger at wizards.de
Sat Nov 8 15:41:30 GMT 2008

Ben Hood wrote:
> So this is call to the community to see if anybody themselves is
> interested in producing/maintaining packages for their favorite OS.

As I indicated in an exchange with Hubert (Oct.19, also on the internal
list) I can take care of the Gentoo "packaging", which would consist of a
small project in the publicly accessible Rabbit hg repo, which users can
then add to their local list of installation sources. See my mail to
Hubert for details. There's no real packaging going on, since it just uses
the existing generic Unix tarball for installation. Could also easily do
the same for the client libs or shovel.

> This also applies to Debian, RPM and Windows - if there is anybody
> interested in taking over this role, this would be great as well.

Does Windows really require a full-blown installer? It might be easier to
simply offer a zip and require installing the stock Erlang runtime package
separately, maybe with a hint to version compatibility or recommendation.
It's not *that* hard.

> BTW (if anybody has actually read this far :-) this would tie in with
> the my previous post about letting the broker get released
> independently of the clients, because the broker is something that you
> typically install into the OS, whereas client libraries are downloaded
> and put on the load path of your project.

Unfortunately I have no constructive ideas re. the versioning :(


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