[rabbitmq-discuss] Packaging

Ben Hood 0x6e6562 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 18:23:19 GMT 2008

Dear Lazyweb,

One of the tasks that we currently put a lot of effort into is
packaging Rabbit for various distributions. This is a very important
yet thankless piece of work, because it can be quite time consuming to
get right, and then at the end of it, *all* you have to show is an
installation of Rabbit.

We are currently maintaining packages for

- Debian
- Windows

and we have noticed that there are community contributed packages for

- FreeBSD
- ArchLinux
- (maybe others?)

Furthermore, we started work on package for Macports, which worked
once, but this has since fallen into disrepair.

So this is call to the community to see if anybody themselves is
interested in producing/maintaining packages for their favorite OS.

This also applies to Debian, RPM and Windows - if there is anybody
interested in taking over this role, this would be great as well.

If there is any interest, let us know and we can think about how this
might work out.

BTW (if anybody has actually read this far :-) this would tie in with
the my previous post about letting the broker get released
independently of the clients, because the broker is something that you
typically install into the OS, whereas client libraries are downloaded
and put on the load path of your project.


Your Rabbit Team

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