[rabbitmq-discuss] Errors using Windows .NET Client Library

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sun Mar 30 09:17:50 BST 2008


Bill Chikirivao wrote:
> If I make code changes such that I change the protocol to AMQP_0_8 in my 
> app.config file and then set the protocol as 
> Protocols.FromConfiguration("my-protocol");
> Then I am able to connect and I don't get the same exception.  Is this 
> the expected behavior?

Yes, that is the expected behaviour. Note that you can switch protocols 
without changing the code by setting the AMQP_PROTOCOL environment 
variable, e.g. run the examples like this
   AMQP_PROTOCOL=AMQP_0_8 ./bin/ExampleProgram.exe

> and further does the RabbitMQ server only support AMQP 0-8?

Correct. 0-9 support is under development.

> And if the examples are primarily targeted for 
> RabbitMQ then why have the default to AMQP 0-9 such that you have to 
> explicitly change the protocol to 0-8 when running against RabbitMQ?

The .NET client was actually developed with a different broker as the 
primary target. Your point is valid though; we should change the default 
to whatever protocol is supported by the latest version of the RabbitMQ 


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