[rabbitmq-discuss] NPE in RpcClient

Neil Ellis neil.ellis at mangala.co.uk
Thu Mar 13 17:48:13 GMT 2008

Hi Folks

Not sure if this has already been reported; in version 1.2.0 of lib- 
rabbitmq there is a NPE if the publish() method has been called on  
RpcClient because the temp queue picks it up and attempts to call  
setBody() on the blocker. Trivially chaning blocker.set(body) to have  
a NP check fixes this:

                    if(blocker != null) {                    	

This was line 150 of RpcClient. I've cc-ed the list for the mule  
transport as it is the mule transport using publish() that caused my  

Btw. The website for the work I'm doing is http://mule4newton.codecauldron.org/mule4newton-examples/mule4newton-rabbitmq/index.html 
  and the src is at http://svn.codecauldron.org/mule4newton/trunk/examples/rabbitmq/ 
  - basically we're combining Newton, Mule and RabbitMQ as an  
illustration of a flexible open-source based messaging system.

Kind regards

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