[rabbitmq-discuss] Stomp gateway incompatible with recent builds?

David Cornell david.cornell at sophos.com
Wed Jul 23 23:38:55 BST 2008


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> with recent builds?
> David Cornell wrote:
> > It worked for me thanks! Is this how additional gateways will be 
> > released going forward or are there plans to have a 
> different plugin 
> > architecture in place at some point?
> The latter. The reason it's awkward right now is that these 
> are the very first few plugins. Any ideas about how it could 
> be improved? Something like ejabberd's mod_* system, with a 
> behaviour(rabbitmq_plugin) or something, perhaps?
> Tony

Sorry for the late reply, busy busy busy..

I realize these are early contributions and they seem to work quite
well. I am not very familiar with ejaberd and I have just recently
started looking at Erlang so I cannot say if the module system they are
using would work well or not. At a high level, the system could allow
plugins/modules to be included in the config file and should not
interfere with the default startup method of RabbitMQ. The config/module
system most people are familiar with appears to be apache which has some
useful syntax like "ifmodule". Borrowing this layout may be a good idea
since the learning curve will be lower for most people.


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