[rabbitmq-discuss] One producer multiple subscribers

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Mon Jul 7 13:42:44 BST 2008


Teemu Pentinsaari wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. You assume correctly; I do want to send message 
> (from single producer) to all subscribers, but due to a limited hardware 
> resources, I'd like to use single queue. We are going to send somewhat 
> large messages to quite a few clients at once and replicating that same 
> message to multiple queues might become a problem.

As long as the queues are on the same node the message payload will be 
shared between them, not copied.

> This queue also must be durable and all messages must be persistent
> for we can't quarantee that all our clients are online at the same time.

Persistence and durability in AMQP terminology refer to preserving 
messages / queues across broker restarts.

 From the above description it doesn't look like you need either of 
these - plain, non-exclusive, non-durable queues with well-known names 
should be sufficient.

And even if you did use durable queues and persistent messages, only one 
copy of each message would be persisted per node.


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