[rabbitmq-discuss] .NET for AMQP

Alexis Richardson alexis.richardson at cohesiveft.com
Tue Jan 29 18:49:35 GMT 2008

To the RabbitMQ user community -

We are very pleased to announce the release of the RabbitMQ .NET
client library.  This is an ideal solution for SOA and integration,
including bridging between .NET and any other language that supports
AMQP.  As our recent work with Intel has shown, RabbitMQ exhibits
stable performance at scale and we believe this creates real value for

The RabbitMQ .NET client is:

* an implementation of an AMQP client library for C# (and implicitly
for other .NET languages)
* a binding exposing AMQP services via Microsoft's Windows
Communication Foundation (WCF)

The client library implements AMQP specifications version:

* 0-8
* 0-8bis, which is 0-8 as modified by QPid for their M2 release
* 0-9, omitting sections of the specification marked "work in
progress", i.e. the Message content-class

A single binary copy of the library contains support for all three
protocol variants, and code can select a variant to use at runtime.

The library has been tested against:

* RabbitMQ 1.2.x (AMQP 0-8)
* QPid M2 (AMQP 0-8bis, 0-9 (in the M2.1 branch))
* OpenAMQ 1.2c4 (AMQP 0-9)

The library is open-source, and is dual-licensed under the Apache
License v2 and the Mozilla Public License v1.1.  Downloads and full
documentation are available from the RabbitMQ web site:

We welcome comments on the product and participation by the community.
 Please spread the word!

This product has been developed as a solution for customers with real
world needs.  We wish to thank those involved.

One of RabbitMQ's users recently said: "RabbitMQ is a pleasure to use
and it just works. Everyday, every time, every message."  I very much
hope that this new .NET library brings the same response from anyone
wishing to do business messaging in .NET.


Alexis Richardson
+44 20 7617 7339 (UK)
+44 77 9865 2911 (cell)
+1 650 206 2517 (US)

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