[rabbitmq-discuss] confused about permissions.

Steve Jenson stevej at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 03:16:35 GMT 2008

Hi Gang,

I have a user account called example and a virtual host called
example.com. I have a realm called /mail.

$ sbin/rabbitmqctl list_permissions example example.com
Listing permissions for user "example" in vhost "example.com" ...
/data: [passive,active,write,read]
/mail: [passive,active,write,read]

$ sbin/rabbitmqctl list_vhost_users example.com
Listing users for vhosts "example.com"...

When I connect (as user example with a vhost of example.com) to
rabbitmq using the Java API (via Scala), I run into an error:

val ticket = channel.accessRequest("/mail")

throws an Exception
Caused by: com.rabbitmq.client.ShutdownSignalException (channel error;
reason: {#method<channel.close>(reply code=403, reply
text=ACCESS_REFUSED, class id=30, method id=10),null,""})

rabbit.log shows:

=INFO REPORT==== 11-Jan-2008::19:11:00 ===
accepted TCP connection on from

=INFO REPORT==== 11-Jan-2008::19:11:00 ===
Realm access refused: bad path; User <<"example">>, VHost
<<"example.com">>, Realm <<"/mail">>

=INFO REPORT==== 11-Jan-2008::19:11:00 ===
Sending exception: Channel 1, Reason {amqp,access_refused,'access.request'}

If I use accessRequest("/data"), everything woks fine. I know that
/data is built-in which makes me wonder what magic /data has that I
haven't applied to /mail.

This is with rabbitmq 1.2.0 on erlang r11b-5.

Steve Jenson

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