[rabbitmq-discuss] Administering Rabbit exchanges and queues

Carl Trieloff cctrieloff at redhat.com
Fri Jan 11 14:44:12 GMT 2008

Alexis Richardson wrote:
> John
> On Jan 11, 2008 12:12 PM, John Watson <JWatson at sis.tv> wrote:
>>  If you want requirements to add to
>> 0-11 then I'd say that the three most important components seem to be
>> the exchange, queue and binding and these should be fully administrable
>> in order to allow for scripting, GUI tools etc. to manipulate them
>> fully.
> Thank-you.  Towards full administrability, other than obtaining a list
> of live queues (.., exchanges, bindings), what would you expect to see
> API-wise?
> alexis

You guys might be interested ... this is what has been done for Qpid. We 
asked if we could start from what OpenAMQ
had done, and then updated it to be able to also work with 0-10, use the 
AMQP type system, allow for sec to be
applied with out opening the content frame, etc... so it this the same 
type of mechanism. currently the type code are
just randomly assigned and will be updated to the spec once the exact 
mapping for both 0-8 & 0-10 are known


Might be useful, Schema for command set is in svn.

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