[rabbitmq-discuss] Administering Rabbit exchanges and queues

John Watson JWatson at sis.tv
Fri Jan 11 14:13:21 GMT 2008

Hi, Alex

When you say
> what would you expect to see API-wise?

I'm not completely sure: Ultimately I'm interested in setting up a
network of servers with a reasonably static topology that manage
point-to-point messaging, with store-and-forward in case of network
outages and with reasonably static message routing. I'd like to be able
to set this up in some declarative manner. So I suppose I'm mostly
interested in such attributes as exchange: type, durability, bindings:
routing keys, also access rights to the various components and
authentication of the connections between servers.

I'm very conscious that I seem to be talking at cross-purposes here -
I've been grappling with the problems of easing the administration
burden for our MQ network for the last couple of years and it's
colouring my approach to Rabbit.  I certainly didn't intend you to
expose the whole kitchen sink......


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On Jan 11, 2008 12:12 PM, John Watson <JWatson at sis.tv> wrote:
>  If you want requirements to add to
> 0-11 then I'd say that the three most important components seem to be
> the exchange, queue and binding and these should be fully
> in order to allow for scripting, GUI tools etc. to manipulate them
> fully.

Thank-you.  Towards full administrability, other than obtaining a list
of live queues (.., exchanges, bindings), what would you expect to see


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