[rabbitmq-discuss] anyone using Twisted?

Rui Lopes rgl at ruilopes.com
Fri Aug 22 10:33:39 BST 2008

Alexis Richardson wrote:
>>> We've resolved these and other issues. In the end, it will help me
>>> open source the code to know the level of your interest in it. I'll
>>> announce any news on this list.
>> A solid Twisted AMQP library would be great, we've been thinking about
>> working on one for a while now, but it got lost in the background after we
>> ran with the Java client with no issues. Definitely a lot of interest here.
> I have as they say 'reached out to' Terry from Fluidinfo - the authors
> of txAMQP - to let him know there is interest.
> He's terrycojones on twitter.
Just want to wave my hand!

Thanks for reaching him out, and hope to see then release it :-)

Best regards,
Rui Lopes

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