[rabbitmq-discuss] anyone using Twisted?

Paul C. Nendick paul.nendick at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 19:10:57 BST 2008

Afternoon from London All,

Yes, there are those of us using RabbitMQ with Twisted. Actually, on
my present project, we're using it very heavily - it's great - and
we've made a proper, working twisted protocol implementation for AMQP.
I'm working with my employer on open sourcing this bit of code but
it's unlikely to happen soon. If and when it does, I'll release it as
either a patch to txamqp or as part of this project:

Some observations about txamqp:
* it's very alpha and clearly incomplete
* it's fundamentally misunderstood the way AMQP  routes of messages
over separate channels. Deferred calls often don't fire since txamqp
is waiting for the response on the wrong channel. Oops!
* txamqp is multi-threaded. Tsk tsk, this is a no-no for twisted
protocol handlers
* QPID sucks. Badly, just look at the code.
* QPID's autogeneration from the XML spec however is very cool
* the txamqp unit tests are very good and quite easy to adapt to be
made asynchronous

We've resolved these and other issues. In the end, it will help me
open source the code to know the level of your interest in it. I'll
announce any news on this list.



PS: anyone else going to PyCon UK?

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