[rabbitmq-discuss] mod_rabbitmq loses messages on server restart?

Jason Pellerin jpellerin at leapfrogonline.com
Thu Aug 21 18:11:54 BST 2008


I'm experimenting, successfully so far, with mod_rabbitmq for ejabberd.
One thing doesn't seem right: If I send some messages to an exchange
whose subscriber is not present, then restart ejabberd, then log in with
the subscriber, those messages are not delivered. They are delivered in
all of the normal cases of the subscriber being online, or being offline
and coming online later, so long as the ejabberd server stays up in the

To make things more clear, here's the sequence of events:

a at localhost subcribes to foo at rabbitmq.localhost/message.* (a durable
topic exchange)
a at localhost logs out
b at localhost sends message to foo at rabbit@rabbitmq.localhost/message.a

Now, if ejabberd is restarted and a at localhost logs in, no message is
delivered. However, if a at localhost logs in without restarting ejabberd,
the message delivers.

Is this a known issue with ejabberd or mod_rabbitmq? Or am I just doing
something wrong? Can anyone suggest a workaround, or where I might start
looking to try to fix it?



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