[rabbitmq-discuss] New exchange type

Martin Sustrik sustrik at imatix.com
Wed Apr 23 07:42:03 BST 2008

>>  From what I could tell from the RabbitMQ docs,  even if I have a 
>> single exchange, messages can be routed through any node in the 
>> cluster. Therefore there should be no significant bottleneck with a 
>> single exchange, because there is no single node that all messages 
>> must go through. With a single queue, however, every message has to 
>> be sent to the machine on which that queue lives, after which 
>> different subscribers can pull messages off. This looks like a 
>> bottleneck to me, where all messages go through one machine, whereas 
>> a single exchange does not have that problem (unless I missed 
>> something).
> That analysis is correct. I think what Martin is getting at is that 
> this is really an implementation issue - in principle AMQP queues do 
> what you want, it just so happens that in RabbitMQ they are 
> implemented as a single (Erlang) process rather than being 
> distributed. The latter is something we are looking into, but it will 
> take a while to implement. Meanwhile your solution is an excellent way 
> of addressing the problem.
Thanks for explanation. I was just interested what the use case was.


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