[rabbitmq-discuss] Server control classes in Java

Holger Hoffstätte holger at wizards.de
Wed Sep 5 11:55:42 BST 2007

Alexis Richardson wrote:
>> I think you are targeting JDK 1.4 compliance with the Java classes, right?
>> That rules out the new 1.5+ ProcessBuilder classes, but it's not too big a
>> problem.
> We are currently targetting 1.5 with retrotranslator functionality.
> So - go for it :-)

I'm all for retrotranslator but it's not that easy since ProcessBuilder
and friends are partially JVM/JDK specific and currently not retrozapped
(I just checked), probably for exactly that reason. It can only go so far..

>> PS: Warning and Disclaimer: so far I've used rabbitmq exactly once for 5
>> minutes and have not even started reading my new Erlang book yet!
> Hopefully you shouldn't have to read it, but do please let us know how
> you get on ;-)

Will do! I was delighted when I looked at the source after unpacking:
"..but where is the rest?..oh.". :-)


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