[rabbitmq-discuss] Support for other protocols in RabbitMQ?

Tom Samplonius tom at samplonius.org
Tue Oct 23 03:35:27 BST 2007

  I've been trying to figure out how to use the rabbit-over-http support.

  The first issue, is where does it assume Rabbit is supposed to be installed?  I get a bunch of errors that the includes can't be found.  Is the http module supposed to be stuffed inside Rabbit?


----- "Tony Garnock-Jones" <tonyg at lshift.net> wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> Tom Samplonius wrote:
> > Does the AMQP over http support also work with the new Erlang
> RFC4727
> > 1.10 module that was just released?
> Yes, it's built on top of both rfc4627.erl and mod_jsonrpc.erl. It's
> not
> a RESTful mapping, more of an RPC-style mapping - it was the simplest
> thing to get working in the time I had available initially.
> Interestingly, Javascript's poor support for binary might mandate a
> bunch of (as yet unimplemented) hacks for, say, optional base64- or
> hex-encoding of published/delivered messages! This strikes me
> particularly now that I've just finished wrestling with unicode
> support
> for rfc4627.erl... ("chars are not bytes, chars are not bytes, ...")
> > Is there any documentation available for AMQP over http other than
> > the sample code?  it is a bit hard to follow, in order to interpret
> > Javascript, figure out what it is doing, and then convert it to
> PHP,
> > just based on two test pages.
> Absolutely, I understand. Unfortunately there isn't at the moment. We
> hope to have some progress for you over the next week or two, though.
> I'll talk to the guys who are working on the HTTP binding and get
> back
> to you as soon as I have some news.
> Regards,
>   Tony
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