[rabbitmq-discuss] PHP AMQP client?

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Tue Oct 2 10:11:53 BST 2007

Hi Tom,

Tom Samplonius wrote:
> Well, what is challenging about the PHP environment, is any long
> running tasks.  That is anything that can't be done during the http
> request/response cycle.

This lines up nicely with your other thread, about RESTful access to 
AMQP. Creating a full AMQP connection for every PHP script invocation 
seems very heavy - it's not only a full TCP connection, but it's several 
roundtrips between the client and broker. Perhaps a lighter RESTful 
HTTP-to-AMQP portal would work better: PHP scripts would both submit and 
retrieve messages via AMQP-over-HTTP...

I'll have to dig out my sketchy notes on what a good AMQP-over-HTTP 
would look like.


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