[rabbitmq-discuss] basic.consume filter arg [was: Re: AMQP v0-9]

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Fri Aug 24 06:59:24 BST 2007

Robert Godfrey wrote:
> M2 will be using the 0-8 spec file that is within the specs directory in 
> the qpid apache svn repository.

I have to say that calling that file "amq.0-8.xml" in your source tree, 
when it is different from the official spec is rather confusing. It took 
me a while to notice that difference.

> It has an "arguments" argument 
> (essentially the filters argument from 0-9 with the 0-10 name, not that 
> names are important at the wire level).  There are some other additions 
> to the correct 0-8 specbut these are essentially additions, and as long 
> as the strict amqp flag is passed to the qpid client then the client 
> won't use them ...

Please make sure that flag is documented very prominently. Otherwise we 
are bound to get complaints from people who try to get interop to work.

Will the flag also work for the python test suite?

What about the server side of things, i.e. ensuring that a client which 
conforms to the official 0-8 spec can talk to a Qpid server? Looking at 
the differences between the official spec and the one in the qpid source 
tree, there are two places where interop will get broken if the server 
is not constrained to official 0-8 behaviour:

- it must accept basic.consume messages without the filter arg

- it must not send a basic.recover-ok response

How are you planning to handle this?


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