[rabbitmq-discuss] basic.consume filter arg [was: Re: AMQP v0-9]

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Thu Aug 23 22:03:50 BST 2007

Robert Godfrey wrote:
>[For instance I think Qpid actually 
> already has the basic.consume filter argument].

When you say "already", do you mean in M1? I have been working with the 
Qpid M1 source distribution and the auto-generated codec there certainly 
does not have the additional arg. Perhaps the binary distributions do?

Can you find out? I am asking because I want to make sure I am not 
missing something in my interop testing.

I know that the 0-8 spec in the current Qpid svn repo is different from 
the official spec, and the addtional arg to basic.consume is part of that.

What flavour of the 0-8 spec will the M2 release be based on?


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