[rabbitmq-discuss] Reliability and AMQP

Goel, Tanmay tanmay.goel at intel.com
Tue Aug 21 21:15:06 BST 2007



So, I'm still trying to understand. There seems to be reliability
missing in the protocol. The protocol supports acknowledgements from the
consumer to the queue but there are no acks from the queue/broker back
to the publisher in any of the schemes (store-forward, pub-sub, etc). I
mean, for example, the publisher sends a series of 10K messages to the
broker and one message gets dropped/lost in the network before reaching
the broker. The publisher will not get an ack and the broker will never
know the message was supposed to come. Will problems of this sort be
taken care of in the later versions of the spec or am I missing reading


Are you guys working with the 0.9 version of the spec or do you have a
copy of the 0.10 release since I couldn't find it online?






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