[rabbitmq-discuss] Python Client for RabbitMQ/AMQP?

Maximillian Dornseif md at hudora.de
Tue Aug 14 07:06:12 BST 2007

Since being somewhat dissatisfied with ActiveMQ I'm shopping for  
other messaging solutions with a focus on correctness and  
reliability.  (See http://blogs.23.nu/c0re/?day=20070813# for some  

I'm looking for a simple (just send_bytes_to_queue() and  
receive_bytes_from_queue(), no transactions, fancy routing etc.) way  
to use the broker in Python and Java. RabbitMQ comes wit Java client  
libraries, so this is no issue.

I'm more concerned about Python. I'm aware of QPid's Python code but  
obviously this code is meant to break thinks and not to be simple   
and reliable. Has anybody suggestions of how to send and receive  
messages from Python other than re-implementing (and testing) AMQP  
from the ground up?


Maximillian Dornseif
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