[rabbitmq-discuss] Incredible problem with rabbitmq

Ashish Jain ashjain2 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 06:56:39 BST 2014


I am having a very different problem with rabbitmq. Here is the use case

1) I have 2 rabbitmq installed. One is rmq1 and other is rmq2.
2) I have 50 consumers for both the rabbitmq instances.
3) I am seeing that all the rabbitmq consumers to rmq1 are hanged after
sometime however the consumers to rmq2 are up and running fine and are
never in  a hang state.
4) When I restart rmq1 all the consumers reconnect and are fine for
sometime however again they are hanged.
5) So as to debug this issue I used "telnet rmq1 5672" and "telnet rmq2
5672". In case of "telnet rmq1 5672" I see that I am not able to close the
connection at all.
However "telnet rmq2 5672" once I hit a key I am able to close the
connection and the message is "Escape character is '^]'. ^C ^CConnection
closed by foreign host."

Do you guys know in #5 why is there a difference in behavior?

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