[rabbitmq-discuss] Issue deleting Queue

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Mon Apr 14 12:22:12 BST 2014

Hi Chris. I think the "+" is likely to be a red herring; you certainly 
should be able to use "+" in a queue name and expect things to work.

Are there any errors in the logs referencing the name of this queue? (I 
should expect there probably are.)

Cheers, Simon

On 14/04/2014 11:53, Chris Nicel wrote:
> Hi All,
> A little back ground. We’re using highly available queues in a two node
> cluster running on Ubuntu 12.04LTS and RAbbitMQ server 3.2.2. The ha
> policy is set to automatically mirror each queue to the other node for
> failover. Our application code handles the failover and is aware of both
> rabbit servers.
> I am having trouble deleting a queue in a vhost. The queue name contains
> some special chars which may be causing the management plugin some
> troubles when displaying the queue information. When I click on the
> queue name in the management plugin I get the following error message:
> Not found
> The object you clicked on was not found; it may have been deleted on the
> server.
> Queue name is:
> *Applications_Pasngr_Events_Contract_Messages+DataSourceChange:Applications_Pasngr_Events_Contract*
> <https://dev.zorrillo.net/monitoring/rabbitmq/#/queues/zorrillo.applications.pasngr/Zorrillo_Applications_Pasngr_Events_Contract_Messages%2BDataSourceChange%3AZorrillo_Applications_Pasngr_Events_Contract>
> I suspect it is the + that is the problem. If someone can help me delete
> it I promise not to make another queue with a + in…. Which was probably
> a silly idea in the first place…
> I have tried rabbitmqctl but that doesn’t have any delete queues
> options. I have also tried rabbitmqadmin python script (from
> http://brokerurl:15672/cli) with the command line (both with and without
> the quotes):
> python rabbitmqadmin -V applications.pasngr delete queue
> name="Applications_Pasngr_Events_Contract_Messages+DataSourceChange:
> Applications_Pasngr_Events_Contract"
> The command line returns saying that the queue has been deleted but
> looking at the management plugin it appears to be only deleted from one
> node. (management plugin shows a red +1 indicating it’s not mirrored).
> The HA policy appears to immediately recreate the deleted queue from the
> other node. I have tried deleting the queue from both nodes in the same
> way but I can’t seem to do it synchronously enough to make it actually
> disappear.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers
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