[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-c memory leak?

Abhay Rajure arajure at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 17:56:49 BST 2014

fred at ... <fred at ...> writes:

> I am happy to report that by upgrading to RabbitMQ-c 0.5.0 and
SimpleAmqpClient master (2e1b4e3), the leak has disappeared.
> I apologize for the false alarm, though it does seem like the combination
of SimpleAmqpClient 2.3 and RabbitMQ-c 0.4.0 brought about the issue.
> Looking at the diffs after 2.3, I don't see any obvious culprits, but I am
not intimately familiar with the code.
> In any event, problem solved -- thanks, Alan!-Fred

Thanks Fred for the update!

I can confirm as well that with the latest master and the leak seems to have

Thanks Alan & Fred!


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