[rabbitmq-discuss] Renaming upstream queues using a pattern

Chris stuff at moesel.net
Tue Nov 19 22:06:39 GMT 2013

Hello All,

I would like to federate queues, but I want the upstream queues to have
different names than the federated queues.  I know it is possible to
configure this in the federation-upstream with the 'queue' property.

But... I want the federation-upstream to be used in a policy that applies
to multiple queues (so multiple different queues will be federated).  In
this case, what happens if I set the 'queue' property on the

What I'd really like to do is federate a queue and have the upstream be the
same name with something appended at the end.  For example, federate
"myqueue" and have the upstream queue be called "myqueue.upstream".  Is
this possible without having to define a different federation-upstream and
policy for every single federated queue?

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