[rabbitmq-discuss] Logging all messages all the time

Chris McKenzie crmckenzie at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 21:46:55 GMT 2013

We're using a RabbitMQ server for messaging between applications. We have a 
need to create a central log for all amqp messages coming into the Rabbit 
server. Our purpose is not temporary debugging, but rather auditability. 
Ideally, I'd be able to log to a specified file to begin with, and later 
log to an external system such as Logly or Splunk.

I've explored turning on Firehose and using the tracing plugin, but the 
queues in question are not durable. I'm also not sure if these solutions 
will work if new queues and exchanges are added to the virtual host after 
logging hast started. These tools seem designed more for temporary 
debugging than what I need.

I'd love to hear your ideas. At this point I'm worried I'll have to setup a 
network monitor to intercept and log the messages before they reach Rabbit.

I asked this question on stackoverflow here: 


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