[rabbitmq-discuss] Channel Name

Marcos Placona marcos.placona at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 12:58:39 GMT 2013

Hi, this has been asked before<http://lists.rabbitmq.com/pipermail/rabbitmq-discuss/2012-October/022763.html>, 
and I was just wondering if there's been any updates so far.

When I look at my queues from the RabbitMQ Management, I can only see 
channels as IP addresses with ports, such as This 
gives me no concept of what that actually is, so I was wondering if there's 
any way I can declare what the channel name is going to be, so I know 
exactly which consumer is doing what (I have multiple consumers per queue).

Is there any way I can make the channel names something a bit more readable?

Thanks in advance,

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