[rabbitmq-discuss] Naming RabbitMQ nodes with complete domain names

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Tue May 28 11:11:40 BST 2013

On 24/05/13 00:37, Santiago Ezcurra wrote:
> Hi there.....I know this is old thread, but I'm having the same
> problem.....the thing is that I'm trying to build a cluster on amazon
> ec2. there, there is no domain and the machines only have a hostname of
> the form ip-0-0-0-0. everything works fine for one node (and erlang
> starts with -name rabbit at ip-x-x-x-x), but when i try to join cluster to
> another node, there is no name resolution happening between both
> machines (other than specifying mutually on respectives ec/hosts).
> those machines does recognize the name *ip-x-x-x-x.ec2.internal*....but
> I'm just failing to configure this name. When i tried specifying this
> long name in NODENAME in env file, it's when erlang (or rabbitmq, don't
> know) complains with "can't get short name whatever". and maybe it's
> because the newer version, but I can't find where to change the -sname
> by -name in any scripts.....could you please have any advice for me ??

Don't attempt to use long names. Configure name resolution of short 
names, e.g. via /etc/hosts.


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