[rabbitmq-discuss] 700k msgs using 6.3 GiB?

François Beausoleil francois at teksol.info
Fri May 17 16:03:09 BST 2013

Hello Matthias,

Le 2013-05-16 à 03:54, Matthias Radestock a écrit :

> Garbage collectors generally don't collect garbage instantly.
> However, pretty much all garbage should get collected when the system is idle. In particular, when there is no activity on a queue, or any other Erlang processes in the message processing pipeline, for a while then these processes are supposed to hibernate, which entails reclaiming all garbage.

Can you define "a while"? I have constant new interactions that come in. I can't really stop that to let garbage be collected.

> That may not be happening in your system, i.e. either something is preventing idling, or processes don't hibernate despite being idle.
> But to investigate that further we really need you on the latest versions of rabbit and erlang.

If we could have clusters on different minor versions, it would already be a help. I'd boot a 3.1.0, cluster with 3.0.2, wait until the queues are synchronized, then shutdown 3.0.2. Not expecting that until a while, but that would really help with upgrades. RabbitMQ is the central nervous system in my application. Shutting it down means I lose all senses.

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